LCA has specialists that can advise and support on all aspects of lean construction. Most importantly, LCA can provide coordinated support and implementation strategies for any Client wanting to undertake a full lean transformation. This support includes assistance with change management and cultural changes necessary for any successful implementation of lean construction.

Managing Partner | Contract/Risk/ Schedule Specialist

Jon Davies

Jon is a recognised Commercial Leader and Lean Construction practitioner.

He has a keen interest in improving productivity and the financial sustainability of the construction industry. Through his in depth understanding of construction sector project management systems and procedures Jon is able to apply lean principles to achieve significant operational efficiencies.

Jon is a passionate advocate for active project risk management to improve the predictability of project outcomes and has facilitated / undertaken reviews of organisation / project risk management procedures / risk profiles.

Managing Partner | Organisational Development and Change Consultant, Lean Specialist

Christina Levinson

Christina has over sixteen years’ experience as a consultant in the field of Organisational Development and LEAN as a successful coach, facilitator, and change agent. Since 2008 this experience has also included extensive collaborative contracting facilitation, coaching and advice. She is an enthusiastic and analytical person with strong communication, team building, and facilitation skills who has a passion for interacting with people and working with groups.​

Her extensive background and qualification allow her to design, implement and evaluate strategies to support individuals, teams and organisations in their endeavour to meet and exceed their goals. She is skilled in assisting them to identify their current level of performance and develop strategies for continuous improvement.

Christina has a significant understanding and a demonstrated track record in the design and implementation of organisational change coupled with experience in culture and behaviour change. She is experienced in working across all levels of an organisation and capable of working across both the strategic and operational aspects.

These skills are complemented by competencies in Lean manufacturing and construction, management, business development, innovation and creativity, as well as in TQM and process improvement methodologies.


Senior Consultant – JV Partner of LCA |  MIEAust CPEng, CPEng NER RPEQ

Moein Varaei

Moein has 30 years of experience in managing engineering practices, departments, teams and high-profile infrastructure projects in a number of countries.

During his career Moein has held numerous senior positions for various multi-national engineering organisations and helped set up new offices, rescued struggling departments and ensured their technical and financial viability.

Two of his noteworthy achievements include helping a government agency save AU$900 million through a Value Engineering process and supporting a multi-national consultancy firm’s VP of Operations to put an AU$18 Billion project back on track.